Our History

LOGICLY is a comprehensive web-based analytics and portfolio management platform for advisors to automate their day-to-day portfolio management workload. With powerful technology like Portfolio Coach, LOGICLY is designed by experts to simplify investment management. It frees up advisors to focus more on clients, find new opportunities, mitigate the risks and better secure their client’s financial future. All while also building their own businesses. Life is getting more demanding. Client expectations are rising, while markets get ever faster and more complex, so the traditional ‘one size fits all’ approach no longer works. LOGICLY enables advisors to do more, in less time and show the value created.


In 2017, a group of market makers and traders realized there was a huge gap in the analytics market when it came to analytics around ETF liquidity. They set out to develop tools for the distribution and capital markets teams at ETF issuers, to help them better position their products. The liquidity tools, which include our TruLiquidity ETF scoring, quickly expanded to include more tools to help answer complex quantitative questions for ETF issuers. In our continued work with ETF issuers, it became apparent that the tools we were creating were used to answer inbound requests that wholesalers were receiving from financial advisors. They were being asked questions about how to trade ETF products, how they compared to their current funds, and how they fit into their portfolios.

We began consulting with a select group of financial advisors, learning about their current workflows for fund screening and portfolio construction. In January of 2020, we launched LOGICLY, purposefully taking off the “ETF” and spelling incorrectly (as any FinTech would!). The LOGICLY platform is not only ETFs but includes single stocks and mutual funds with tailored workflows for financial advisors.

In September of 2021, we are launching the LOGICLY Portfolio Coach, a digital strategist on your team. The Portfolio Coach monitors your client portfolios across investment policies for asset allocation, risk, costs, income, ESG and tax. Providing you automatic alerts when portfolios deviate from those policies. Even further, the Coach suggests actions to take to get those portfolios back in-line with their policies and produces trade generation lists based on your decisions. The LOGICLY Portfolio Coach has your back.

The History of LOGICLY



LOGICLY becomes the newest component of the VettaFi’s robust suite of data and analytics solutions.



TMX Strategic investment in LOGICLY.


LOGICLY launches the new tiered subscription model: Base, Core, and Pro, Powered by the LOGICLY Portfolio Coach.



LOGICLY and TSX Inc. collaborate to deliver innovative analytics to Canada’s ETF and wealth management industry.


The LOGICLY Portfolio Coach launches to financial advisors at the InsideETFs and WealthStack conference. 



The LOGICLY advisor workflows were announced at InsideETFs.


The LOGICLY Model Portfolio Marketplace launched to offer advisors a centralized resource to research model portfolios.



LOGICLY received strategic investment of $4M from ETFS Capital


Began consulting with financial advisors on their current portfolio workflows.



The LOGICLY toolset began to expand beyond trading and liquidity analytics to further help ETF Issuers. 


LOGICLY partnered with the New York Stock Exchange to power an ETF screener for NSYE ETF website visitors.



Our co-founders began developing a tool to help ETF issuers better navigate ETF liquidity.

Our team is Creative. Bold. Empowered. Inspired.


Emil is the CEO and Co-Founder of LOGICLY. Emil brings over fourteen years of financial markets experience, having been at the crossroads of trading and technology. He began his career on the UBS Program Trading desk where he designed and ran high frequency strategies and managed portfolio risk. At HSBC he worked on the Delta-1 desk trading ETFs and index swaps. Subsequently, at Cantor Fitzgerald he ran the firm’s ETF Lead Market Making (LMM) book, working closely with ETF issuers to list and trade their products. In 2017, with the intention of bringing increased transparency to the world of ETFs, he helped start LOGICLY. The focus is on delivering the high-quality tools and analytics he had developed throughout his career as a professional trader to a much wider audience, thus leveling the playing field for all investors.

Lindsey Tewell is the Head of Sales for LOGICLY. Lindsey began her career on Wall Street at JPMorgan after graduating from Miami University (OH) in 2005. She worked in Private Banking, Investment Banking (Financial Institutions Coverage) and Sales & Trading over the 7 years she was there. In 2012, she left for the buy-side entering the ETF industry at ProShares as a founding member of their institutional sales effort. In 2016, she joined GFI Group, an inter-dealer broker, to launch the buy-side business for their electronic corporate bond trading platform. Lindsey is on the New York board of Women in ETFs and the Kentuckians of New York.

Colin Gloeckler

Colin works as Chief Strategist at LOGICLY. He brings more than 10 years of experience in the financial market industry. Most of his career, Colin worked on conceiving, developing and maintaining complex, highly data-consuming systems and algorithms. Most recently, he spent over five years working as a quantitative trader for one of the largest European proprietary trading firm. In his previous role, he led the design and deployment effort for the firm’s algorithmic trading architecture, while being actively involved in the management of systematic investment strategies in the Futures space. Colin holds a M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from E.N.S.E.A. (France) as well as a M.Sc. in Quantitative Finance from Dauphine University (France). He has been a CFA Charterholder since 2018.

Arkadiy Birger is the Product Manager at LOGICLY. He has more than 15 years of technology management experience as an analyst, project and program manager, and a product manager working with companies ranging from some of the world’s largest financial services firms to FinTech and software development companies.

Eric Wexler is our Senior Web Developer here at LOGICLY. 

Robert Bisewski is the Lead System Administrator at LOGICLY. A former startup CEO with more than 10 years of experience in the industry, he has participated in a large number of diverse roles resulting in a wide skillset. These including contracting for the Canadian Space Agency via Columbiad Space Ltd; a vaccine developer / cancer researcher / data analyst at Merck & Co. Inc; software development work at cPanel in the email hosting business; as well server farm management at multiple Silicon Valley startups. Credentials include a Masters Degree in Computer Science from the University of Winnipeg where he was involved in AI, pattern-recognition, and ML research. In addition, he has made contributions to open source projects such as WebKit (the rendering engine used by Safari), plugins for the vim editor, and the EFI Bootloader for the Linux kernel.

Andrew Unthank, Sales Development Representative at LOGICLY

Andrew Unthank is a Sales Development Representative at LOGICLY, identifying and creating new qualified sales opportunities and works with our marketing team to generate content and engagement. Prior to LOGICLY, Andrew was an Internal wholesaler at JPM Asset Management within Sub-Advisory and Define Contribution teams on the retail side. Andrew also spent time at BlackRock Trade Operations out of graduate school. Andrew received a Master of Science from Durham University in the United Kingdom. Andrew is an undergraduate Alum of University of Delaware, where he was a member of the Varsity Men’s Lacrosse team. Andrew enjoys playing golf, collecting watches and cooking as a personal interest.

 Dounya Hamdan is the Content Marketing Specialist for LOGICLY. Born and raised in Chicago, she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy from DePaul University. Dounya began her career at JPMorgan in Commercial Accounts and soon transitioned to Mutual Fund Accounting at Jackson National Asset Management. She has eleven-plus years of experience in the financial sector primarily in valuation and accounting for security classes ranging from simple equities to complex derivatives. She is an experienced editor with a diverse background in multiple media disciples and a passion for writing. Dounya is also the Digital Specialist and Host of a women led podcast, Unswtnd+Unfltrd, which amplifies the voices of women by sharing their stories. 

Brian Fechter

Brian Fechter is the Customer Success Manager at LOGICLY, working alongside our Sales, Marketing, and Product teams to support current and new clients to ensure they are getting the most out of their product experience. Prior to LOGICLY, Brian was a Client Support Specialist at HBKS Wealth Advisors where he worked alongside Wealth Management, Accounting, Retirement Planning, and Corporate Finance clients and their respective advisors. Brian started his career in financial services as an Intern and then Associate Advisor at Alliance Financial Group. Brian received his Bachelor’s of Arts in Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship with a minor in Professional Sales from Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, Florida. Brian enjoys playing with his dog Ruby, collecting vintage clothing, and studying the web3 ecosystem in his spare time.

After earning her BFA in Graphic Design from SUNY New Paltz, Leah McKenna joined our LOGICLY team in 2020. In addition to her primary role as Marketing Associate, Leah implements her knowledge of design through her content generation and contributions to the platform and beyond. Leah currently resides in Brooklyn, NY and spends her free time exploring the city and creating art, like the self portrait to the left. 

Kyle is a software engineer at LOGICLY. He graduated in 2020 from Lehigh University with a BS in Computer Science. An avid technologist and developer, Kyle enjoys working with high-throughput data pipelines and building intuitive user platforms. 

Lisandro is the Backend Developer for LOGICLY with a passion in building the logic behind distributed systems. He is from Buenos Aires, Argentina and has studied 4 years of a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Buenos Aires. Lisandro motivated himself to become self-taught by utilizing online resources to continue his education. His background includes a role as a Data Scientist and Software Engineer at Mantika where he maintained and optimized machine learning algorithms to perform fraud detection. His love for math placed him in the Math Olympiad competitions, earning several national and international awards. He was also part of Argentina’s team in the 2015 International Mathematical Olympiad in Thailand.



Meet Manny, a Florida manatee and our LOGICLY mascot. 

Florida manatees are considered one of the state’s keystone species, meaning their behavior can alert researchers to environmental and habitat changes. In recent years, the Florida manatee has been placed back on the endangered species list. 

At LOGICLY, our slogan is: We inspire and empower confident outcomes. 

This applies to our everyday lives and includes everything from the advisor-client experience to being good stewards of the planet, like our support of manatee conservation efforts!