Custom/Direct Indexing

Customization = Differentiation.

Savvy clients want customization. Custom indexing (also called “Direct Indexing”) skips the fund manager, giving investors the opportunity to be more selective than ever about what goes into their portfolio at a lower cost. 

At LOGICLY, we use a hybrid approach that includes global mutual funds, ETFs, and stocks in client portfolios. Portfolio Coach from LOGICLY simplifies the ability to set a Custom Index by overlaying data on a portfolio.

High-touch service. Long-term clients.

Set a client’s benchmark using a model portfolio or index to find:

  • Dividend Income opportunities
  • ESG ideas that meet a client’s personal ESG views
  • Risk-appropriate investments
  • Tax-aware strategies
  • Tactical trading concepts for strategies including options overwrite, inflation hedges, and thematic shifts