Portfolio Coach

Scale and personalize.

Advisors spend around a quarter of their time on portfolio management today. With the LOGICLY Portfolio Coach, that time can be reduced while providing unique and tailored portfolios for your clients.

Portfolio Coach makes it easy for an advisor to scale out their portfolio models to more clients in an easy and efficient manner.

Monitor your portfolios.

Connect your client’s portfolios to LOGICLY and receive policy alerts, rebalancing notifications, as well as potential trade ideas to improve cost, performance, lower risk and monitor your tax liability. Generate an audit trail on every decision made in your portfolio.

Pinpoint those decisions down to specific policy suggestions from the Coach such as risk reducing, yield enhancing, asset allocation rebalancing…

It's AI for Advisors.

Simplify and automate portfolio management. 

Portfolio Coach reduces portfolio management friction by helping lower extra management fees. Create policies to track model portfolios or customize for asset allocation, cost, risk, income or ESG.