Financial Advisors

Advice is personal.

Clients expect comprehensive, personalized services from you. From financial planning to investments, you’re an advocate for your clients’ financial goals and futures. 


Empower and inspire confident outcomes with LOGICLY by connecting each client’s Investment Policy Statement (IPS) with their goals and outcomes.


Offer more. Do it faster.

Customize each client’s investment strategy across the entire household. From finding new ETF, fund, and stock ideas to building and managing portfolios, and recommending tax-smart rebalancing trades, LOGICLY gives you a distinct competitive advantage.


Differentiate your business by shifting your focus to managing client relationships, not time-consuming tasks like managing portfolios. Do more for your clients. Grow the business.


Simplify. Streamline. Automate portfolio management.

According to Cerulli Associates, 55% of financial advisors and RIAs rely on their own research and portfolio or model construction in managing client investments. With so much time spent on an activity that often doesn’t produce advisor alpha, how does an advisor show value?


By using technology that cuts research time and automates portfolio management. LOGICLY does both, and more. Advisors use LOGICLY to oversee client investment portfolios, whether built in-house or outsourced to a TAMP.


Monitoring and alerting

It doesn’t take an institutional-grade budget to get institutional-grade advisor technology. Portfolio Coach from LOGICLY monitors all custodian-integrated client accounts. Advisors get real-time alerts that increase client touch points covering several key investment policies:

  • Allocation
  • Cost
  • Risk
  • Distribution
  • ESG
  • Taxes

Maximize your enterprise value.

It’s no secret that advisory businesses that use technology to simplify, streamline, and automate processes attract larger multiples. When you’re the centerpiece of the practice, doing everything, it’s hard to scale the business.

Free up your time to uncover new opportunities, manage client relationships, reduce risk, and increase the value of your business. Meet increasing client expectations while personalizing the service you deliver. That’s LOGICLY. And how we empower and inspire confident outcomes.