Compliance Teams

Bolster fiduciary standard oversight.

Act in the client’s best interest. When it comes to managing portfolios and making investment recommendations for clients, this makes all the difference between a great client experience and one where the client is dissatisfied, or worse.

Ensuring that your advisors are adhering to the fiduciary standard doesn’t have to be the usual compliance hassle. LOGICLY provides complete oversight of each advisor’s portfolio decisions, including notes about client conversations, supporting the fiduciary standard.

Savvy clients expect it. Show them.

Uncover Regulation BI opportunities.

For Broker Dealers, Regulation BI (Best Interest) is all about inspiring confidence in your clients. Confidence that your firm’s advisors are making suitable recommendations and informing them of decisions. 

Supporting BD firms, LOGICLY assists compliance teams by providing oversight of an advisor’s portfolio management decisions on each client’s behalf. It captures key details of client conversations that form the IPS (Investment Policy Statement). Inspire confident outcomes by meeting Reg BI standards.