ETF Issuers

Seamless 6c-11 compliance.

As the popularity of ETFs continues to skyrocket, so do the options available for institutional and retail investors. For ETF Issuers, bringing a new ETF to market means overcoming numerous operational hurdles along the way, including meeting 6c-11 compliance requirements.

ETF Issuers use LOGICLY to pull in data supporting 6c-11 compliance. Our custom tools are delivered via API that can be integrated into your existing internal platforms or white-labeled on a client’s website. Easy, simple. Focus your resources in higher-value tasks.  


Custom APIs and builds to power ETF Issuers.

Different firms have different needs. Some create and launch fixed income ETFs. Others develop and rollout equity-based strategies. And with the growing popularity of ESG investing, more and more firms are bring ESG ETFs to the market.   

LOGICLY’s Custom Solutions assist ETF Issuers competing in an increasingly competitive market. We have the data and software development chops to guide firms with building a robust experience around an unmatched, industry-leading dataset. 

We follow Agile software development. We move fast. And our rigorous Quality Assurance makes sure it works.