Data APIs & Custom Tools

Fast data. Faster investment decisions.

Data APIs

  • All of the tools on the Logicly platform are API driven 
  • APIs can be integrated into clients’ existing internal platforms or white-labeled on a client’s front-facing website 
  • 6c-11 data API delivery for ETF Issuer compliance requirements
  • Median spread calculationsPremium/discount alerting mechanism

Custom Tools

  • Ready-Built: Our fully built analytics and tools are all API driven and easily integrated into your domain. This can cut implementation time for a website analytics project from years to months. 
  • Cost Efficient: Our software-as-a-service model provides flexibility around only the tools you need. Customized solutions leverage our existing infrastructure.
  • Flexible: Our dedicated team of developers and quants will work with marketing, website maintenance, compliance, and any other applicable internal teams to ensure seamless integration into your website.