Customer Reviews

“ETFLogic has done fantastic work as the group helps FlexShares build and embed thoughtful analysis tools that are easy to use & intuitive. Further, ETFLogic has been extremely flexible in finding ways to work within the confines of our technology platform. "

Dan Madden

FlexShares, Head of Capital Markets

“My firm has used other investment tools in the past, but Logicly has been a great find for our investment analysis of client’s portfolios. They have many tools for analyzing the market at macro levels down to the individual security level. Highly recommend!”

Jacob Millican

9M Investments, LLC

"Logicly, has become our most complete investment and portfolio management screening tool that our team has utilized to this point. The fund screener provides the ability to research/add funds to our watchlist, while the analysis tool enables us to take this research further through the deep, intuitive data. Recently, using the ESG analysis tool to gauge the sustainability of the funds in our models."

David Shaw

BluePrint Wealth Solutions, CFP, AIF Financial Consultant