Independent Broker Dealers

Offer more to advisors. Attract more advisors.

Differentiate your Independent Broker Dealer in a highly competitive environment by offering more to your advisors. Offer an expanded tech stack that simplifies their day-to-day work and gives them more time to find and manage clients.

Empower advisors to choose technology that works for them, not get in their way. With LOGICLY, your advisors can simplify, streamline, and automate portfolio management tasks, including screening, research, and construction. Less time on operations-like tasks. More time to find new clients.

More clients = more revenue.

Relieve burdens on compliance teams.

As a Broker Dealer, your advisors have to adhere to Regulation BI (Best Interest). Acting in the best interests of clients, making suitable recommendations, and keeping clients apprised of decisions builds trust, and most importantly, confidence. 

For BD compliance teams, LOGICLY provides the firm-wide oversight to keep advisors on track with Reg BI. Broker Dealers use LOGICLY to deploy smart, rules-based access controls to give compliance teams access to client portfolios and communication, while ensuring that advisors can access only their clients. Capture key details of advisor-client conversations that form the IPS (Investment Policy Statement).