Traditional & Alternative Data

Higher quality data. Higher quality decisions.

From RIAs and financial advisors, who serve individual investors, to asset managers and ETF issuers, who serve institutional investors, high quality, enriched data is a differentiator.

LOGICLY assimilates millions of pieces of data into our industry-leading reliable traditional datasets with more than 700 actionable data points for both institutional and individual investors. Get the data you need and implement strategies faster.    

Alternative investments. Complex data requirements.

Hedge funds look for both long and short opportunities to generate alpha and showcase their active management skill to investors. By using LOGICLY to build a your own “Black Box”, you can quickly identify long/short ideas and trends using both fundamental and technical analysis.

Alternative datasets from LOGICLY are combined from multiple data sources that drive actionable signals, pre-trade analysis, investment due diligence, and risk measurement. Faster data, faster decisions.