LOGICLY BASE for Advisors

Do more for clients by doing less.

Running a successful, profitable financial advisory practice is challenging enough. Time-consuming tasks like portfolio management are demanding more and more of your time. According to Cerulli, 55% of advisors do their own screening, research, and portfolio management in overseeing client investments. And lose more than 25% of time each week doing so. It makes it even harder to show value.

LOGICLY gives financial advisors what they need most: time.

Impress clients by quickly finding new investment ideas.

With a few clicks, you can quickly narrow down the full universe of global ETFs and mutual funds to find ideas that may fit your client’s investment objectives. LOGICLY BASE puts you in the driver’s seat with our easy-to-use Fund Screener tools.

Spend more time talking with clients.

Get actionable data and research

LOGICLY BASE gives financial advisors the data and insights needed to drive productive client conversations. 

  • Fund Screener: quickly filter a global universe of ETFs and mutual funds against any criteria
  • ETF Top Trends: see what ETFs are hot and what’s not
  • US ETF Top Categories: heat-map of ETFs by sector and theme
  • Fund Flows: see ETF inflows & outflows
  • Reverse Lookup: find individual stock constituents in ETFs
  • Fund Compare: compare two or more ETFs or funds
  • Tax Loss Prospector: view tax loss analysis of an ETF and potential replacements

And use advanced analysis to find optimal choices

With LOGICLY BASE, financial advisors quickly uncover key metrics to include or exclude ETFs and funds in the portfolio. 

  • Overlap & Correlation: see overlap of holdings and correlation between ETFs and mutual funds
  • Performance Attribution: quickly view performance attribution of ETF and benchmark
  • Basket Trading Hours: live market trading hours for holdings across the globe
  • Scatter Analysis: quick view of securities and peers against various criteria
  • Charting: candlestick and bar charts of ETFs and stocks

Build portfolios with ease

LOGICLY BASE puts advisors in the Portfolio Manager’s chair. 

From research to analysis to constructing portfolios, get what you need from LOGICLY Base.

  • Upload portfolios for research and analysis
  • Deep dive into key portfolio metrics
  • See all custodian-integrated client portfolios
  • Research model portfolios to meet any allocation strategy