An Easy Way to Find ETFs and Funds



Trying to find ETFs and funds? Looking for a list of the best-performing, US-based, healthcare ETFs? Check.

How about ESG? Looking for “Environmental, Social, & Governance” ETF choices? Sure, we can find those, too.

Finding a handful of investment ideas across the hundreds of thousands of ETF and fund choices across the world is daunting, like the proverbial “needle in a haystack”. With LOGICLY, finding the needle is simple and fast.

In this video, LOGICLY’s Andrew Unthank gives an introductory overview of Fund Screener. It’s our industry-leading, powerful tools for screening for ETFs and funds that provides an easy way to find ETFs and funds. For example, financial advisors and RIAs use LOGICLY to narrow a global universe using any criteria, from low volatility ETFs to ESG-focused ETFs, to find the most suitable investment funds for clients. With hundreds of thousands of investment funds across the globe, it’s more challenging than ever to find choices that fit each client’s Investment Policy Statement.

LOGICLY’s Fund Screener takes the guesswork out of finding fund choices that align with a client’s IPS (Investment Policy Statement). It gives advisors a way to demonstrate a commitment to acting in the client’s best interests. So whether you’re an advisor with an RIA (and adhere to the Fiduciary Standard), or affiliated with a Broker Dealer (and follow Reg BI), acting in your client’s best interests means connecting the IPS to outcomes by finding the most suitable ideas.

The LOGICLY Fund Screener is an industry-leading tool for quickly finding ETFs and mutual funds across the globe.

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