Building the Perfect Portfolio: Risk Measurement Webinar

Best Practice Partner Spotlight – RedTail & Logicly, Powered by ETFLogic

62% of advisors want to build custom portfolios for their clients, but only 7% have the tools to do it. Learn how to invest Logicly and build custom portfolios for your clients in a fraction of the time and costs. We share best practices on the Logicly Portfolio Analysis and Portfolio Coach to show you how our digital strategist can help monitor and manage your clients’ portfolios.

Logicly enhances the current investment process because one size does not fit all. Whether advisors leverage third party model providers or do their own portfolio management, we’re making it easier for them to invest Logicly on behalf of their clients. Through our integration with RedTail, advisors can easily connect their accounts to Logicly to leverage the powerful portfolio tools.

Logicly is a leading analytics platform that streamlines investment research and portfolio analytics for all professional investors created by the team at ETFLogic.

Logicly helps financial advisors and asset managers to navigate the investment landscape, build and analyze portfolios, and streamline communication around investments with customizable reporting capabilities.


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