Understanding All the Costs of Owning an ETF

Are you a financial advisor looking to up their game when it comes to navigating the ETF landscape?

If so, Logicly has just launched a new ebook, titled the Advisor’s Guide to Investing Logicly. In it, we talk about ETF screening, portfolio construction, tax loss harvesting, and other key things that advisors need to be thinking about when it comes to constructing and maintaining client portfolios.

We also talk a little about client communication, how to leverage technology and the visuals from our platform to improve client communications.

In article one of the guide, we talk about the true cost of ETF ownership. So obviously advisors know the expense ratio that comes with a fund, but sometimes they overlook the other things such as taxes and other fees that could potentially occur when owning an ETF.

In article one, we chart out all of the different factors that need to be considered when talking about the true cost of ETF ownership.

If you’d like to request a copy of the ebook, you can do so via the link below.


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