Logicly ETF screener tools added to ETF Stream news site

ETF Stream, the leading UK-based ETF news website is excited to have partnered with ETFLogic to bring readers Logicly, an ETF portfolio workflow tool that enables their readers to get more market-leading information and analysis about the ETFs that they write about in their articles.

In addition to a comprehensive ETF screener tool, all ETFs mentioned in stories will now also populate with information from Logicly such as past performance, similar ETFs, and more robust ETF metrics.


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In addition to our Logicly analytics platform, ETFLogic builds custom analytics solutions for all types of firms in the investment landscape, including a number of ETF issuers, industry partners such as the New York Stock Exchange, and now news sites with the addition of the tools to ETF Stream.


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Logicly by ETFLogic is a portfolio analytics platform focused on streamlining the investment research and portfolio construction workflows for financial advisors. 

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