New Release from the Logicly Analytics Platform: July 2021

Our team at Logicly is excited to share some important features in our latest release. Our enhancements are primarily developed based on feedback from our happy customers. Here is a list of a few new enhancements to the Logicly Platform:

  • A Global ETF Flows Application: The objective of this feature is to help financial advisors and portfolio managers assess global trends. Within the platform, users are now able to view global flows and AUM by asset class, issuer, geography and peer group including tables and graphs

  • Global Fund Screener Filtering Options: We added new filtering options in the global Fund Screener which provide users with additional ways to search for funds that meet your investment criteria. Here is how it works:
Under the “Classification” filter you can now search by:
Development Level which includes filtering by developed, emerging, mixed, frontier and blended development.
Fund Focus which includes filtering by broad, government, corporate, financials, and more.
Fund Sub-Focus which includes filtering by Gold, High Yield, Real Estate, and more.
  • Enhanced user experience in the Portfolio Analysis tool: Utilizing the Analysis Options, users can select the sub applications needed to see options such as “MCTR” or “Performance Attribution” and it will take you directly to that portion of the analysis.

  • And finally, we have expanded the ESG Analysis within our Portfolio Analysis to include graphical representations of ESG scores and warning flags to help present to your clients:

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