Uncharted Territory: an update from the ETFLogic team


Dear Clients and Weekly Email Subscribers:

Today we find ourselves in the middle of a pandemic, an unprecedented event in recent modern history. Our daily lives have been upended for the foreseeable and indefinite future, and every aspect of society is grappling with this “new normal.” We understand that this is a difficult time for people on both a personal and business level. Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected and for the continued well-being of friends, families, and clients.

At ETFLogic, the team has transitioned to working from home as of late last week. Our team is online, distributed, and available. We continue to monitor and support our data pipelines, APIs, platforms, and services. Our research and development programs continue as we maintain resilience in the face of recent disruptions.

We have had many internal discussions over the last few weeks as markets have gyrated, causing sharp losses and deep market pain for many. We are still trying to make sense of the fundamental shifts in the economy and how it is reflected in market prices and volatility.

With the market’s sharp drop comes many opportunities for tax loss harvesting. Many stocks and ETFs have erased gains that have been three or more years in the making. In such scenarios, there are opportunities to generate tax credits and reposition your portfolio with potentially lower cost or similar highly correlated ETFs.

With this in mind, we are providing free access to our ETFLogic Insights Platform and Tax Loss Harvesting tools. We are also working directly with our clients to review their portfolios and suggest ETF switch trades wherever applicable.



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