WisdomTree Model Portfolios now on Logicly Model Marketplace

WisdomTree Asset Management, Inc. Inc., a leading ETF and ETP sponsor, has licensed model portfolios to SigmaLogic, Inc. (DBA ETFLogic) to be made available to financial advisors on the model portfolio marketplace via the ETFLogic platform.

WisdomTree has constructed a suite of ETF model portfolios that  reflect the firm’s current asset allocation preferences and investment thesis. WisdomTree Modern Alpha1 model portfolios implement an open-architecture2 and index-centric3 approach that seeks to add value through asset allocation, security selection and WisdomTree’s Modern Alpha approach relative to composite market capitalization-weighted benchmarks4.

ETFLogic’s model marketplace is a centralized hub for financial advisor education and provides information and analysis on the top strategies from top thought leaders such as ETF issuers and third-party model providers. Advisors can integrate models from the marketplace and compare them against or overlay them onto their current portfolios.

To view the WisdomTree model portfolios and further analyze them in both the ETFLogic model marketplace and portfolio analysis tools, financial advisors can get a free trial or purchase a subscription to the ETFLogic platform via app.logicly.finance or contacting sales@etflogic.io.  

1WisdomTree’sModern Alpha approach is the relentless focus on performance and creating better ways to invest.

2Open-Architecture: the use of both proprietary and non-proprietary ETF products. 

3Index-centric approach: WisdomTree predominately utilize ETFs that seek to track rules-based indexes.

4Market capitalization-weighting: Market cap = share prices x number of shares outstanding. Firms with the highest values receive the highest weights in approaches designed to weight firms by market cap. Composite refers to the collection of different market capitalization-weighted indexes that are averaged together to represent overall performance of the benchmark.

This content is for information only and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax, legal, accounting, investment or financial planning advice by WisdomTree, nor should it be considered or relied upon as a recommendation by WisdomTree regarding the use or suitability of any model portfolio or any particular security. The model portfolios and any related material are intended for use only by a financial advisor as an educational resource among other resources deemed appropriate by such financial advisor. Financial advisors must agree to terms of use in order to access the WisdomTree model portfolios. 

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