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Streamline investment workflows and reduce the time required to create strong investment outcomes for your clients. The Logicly platform provides insights in a few clicks – no more disjointed portfolio construction workflows and Excel sheets.

Streamline investment workflows and reducing the time required to create a strong investment outcome for your clients. The Logicly platform provides valuable insights in a few simple clicks – no more disjointed portfolio construction workflows and excel sheets.

Dive deep into key portfolio metrics at the constituent level, such as portfolio performance, risk, costs, factors, and even ESG.

Explore ways to improve investment outcomes for your clients using our portfolio optimization features to improve performance, lower cost and risk, better meet client’s ESG goals, and even harvest tax losses.

All visuals in the platform can be exported to a customizable PDF report or excel, to allow you to discuss outcomes with your current clients and propose new investment decisions with your prospects.

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The Workflows

Fund, stock, or model portfolio screening
Dive deep to analyze key metrics
Understand how the selected investments fit into your current portfolios
Share these insights with your clients through customized reports
Receive guidance on how to improve investment outcomes in regards to performance, risk, costs, and much more.

Our Tools & Analytics

Explore the full universe of ETFs and use screening filters to find the ones that are the best fit for your clients.

Dive deep to compare ETFs side by side across all the standard metrics plus more indepth quant stats such as equity fundamentals.

Explore our expanding model marketplace to view and compare strategies from the top ETF issuers and third party strategists.

Analyze models beyond the quick overview stats and compare them versus your current portfolios.

Explore where money is flowing across various constraints, such as asset class, investment theme, ETF issuer, and more.

Find ETFs with specific stock exposure and better understand ETF ownership of individual equities.

Explore correlated ETFs and find potential alternatives to make tax loss harvesting trades.

Dive deep into 13F Filings to understand where other professional investors are placing bets in the selected peer group.

Understand the geographic exposure of your ETFs, down to the country and exchange level.

Get insight on when the best timeframes to trade your international ETFs are.

Dive deep into the technical charting of individual stocks and ETFs.

Compare performance charts of up to 10 names.

Dive deep into portfolio metrics such as performance, risk, costs, factors, and even ESG. Pull holdings in directly from your other platforms and customize portfolio reports for clients.

Customize simulation parameters such as trading history, rebalancing, return on cash and much more. Add your fee overlays to provide proper representation of  portfolio outcomes.

Compare ETFs or portfolios against eachother to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of certain portfolio changes.

Leverage modern portfolio theory to explore ways to optimize your client portfolios.

Explore ways to improve performance, reduce risk, and lower costs, and much more.

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