How to Find US MidCap ETFs in 5 Clicks or Less



Want to know how to find US MidCap ETFs in 5 clicks or less?

In a previous video, our Andrew Unthank gave a short overview of LOGICLY’s powerful ETF and fund screening tools. He showed how financial advisors and RIAs can shrink a global universe using any criteria to find what may be the most suitable and optimal fund choices for clients. And do it faster than ever, with institutional-caliber technology available at no charge to advisors.

Andrew is back with another video about the LOGICLY Fund Screener, this time drilling deep to find US ETFs with MidCap exposure. For the financial advisor community, being able to identify investment strategies (ETFs or mutual funds) quickly and accurately with the sector exposure that clients request is critical. The same filtering methodology is used to uncover ideas using any criteria, from low volatility to ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) and everything in between.

It’s no secret that advisors need to be able to dig below the surface and a fund’s marketing materials to see fund constituents. Recently, we gave our perspective on a Bloomberg article that showed just how “non-ESG” a particular ESG ETF really was, as it held large positions in decidedly non-ESG friendly companies. In a future video segment, we will show you how to see a fund’s constituents, not just the top ten holdings, so you can see if it’s living up to its mandate or masquerading as something it’s not.

LOGICLY’s Fund Screener removes the frustration and time wasted trying to find fund choices that align with your client’s IPS. And whether you’re an advisor with an RIA (following the Fiduciary Standard) or affiliated with a Broker Dealer (and follow Reg BI), you can act in your client’s best interests by connecting the IPS to outcomes.

Use LOGICLY Fund Screener to find ETFS and funds. Find US MidCap ETFs or any other filter criteria.


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