LOGICLY Announces Integration with Charles Schwab

Integration gives financial advisor community a new way to streamline and automate portfolio management, including monitoring and alerting of client and household accounts, and tell a better portfolio story to clients.  

Nov 16, 2022 (New York, NY) – LOGICLY, a U.S. fintech company and leading provider of analytics and portfolio tools to the wealth management industry, recently announced a custodial integration with Schwab Advisor Services, the largest custodian of client assets, that will allow financial advisors to quickly and easily integrate client accounts. With the Schwab Advisor Services integration, advisors can use one master account to connect all (or selected) individual or household accounts, including tax lots for positions, simplifying the process for advisors. Additionally, advisors can open multiple accounts for a household with a single, secure digital envelope, and also open multiple accounts for clients and send each signer one email to approve all accounts. 

The financial advisor community uses LOGICLY’s suite of tools, including the one-of-a-kind PRO, powered by Portfolio Coach, an AI-powered solution that personalizes portfolio management for each client. Advisors can meet increasing demand for transparency from clients and connect each client’s Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to outcomes. PRO delivers daily monitoring and actionable alerts tailored to each client’s IPS, tax-aware rebalancing, active trade recommendations, compliance audit trails, and coming soon, “Thematic Investing”. Advisors can also use a custom or hybrid index, or model portfolio, in place of traditional benchmarks. 

LOGICLY is a platform for financial advisors in the United States, Canada, and other global markets who adhere to a unified standard around risk assessment while abiding by applicable fiduciary standards and requirements such as Regulation Best Interest (Reg BI) or CFR (Client-Focused Reforms). The company’s flagship service, PRO, powered by Portfolio Coach, is the only system available today that directly ties an investor’s investment policy statement to portfolio outcomes, allowing advisors to better assess and monitor individual accounts. PRO also helps minimize fees by offering greater insight into the myriad of costs associated with owning ETFs. Through the platform, advisors can access tools that help them track model portfolios or customize them for asset allocation, cost, risk, income or environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations.

Read more about PRO and the integration on LOGICLY’s Schwab Advisor Services profileTo learn more about subscription packages visit: Subscription Plans.

Image shows LOGICLY PRO, powered by Portfolio Coach, on a black background with orange LOGICLY logo at the top left. About a third of the way down the image are six boxes representing the following investment policy categories: Allocation, Cost, Risk, Yield, ESG, and Tax. Below this are a list of account that have been integrated into PRO.



LOGICLY is a U.S.-based fintech company and provider of the leading investment research, analytics, and portfolio management tools and solutions to the financial advisor community, RIAs, Broker Dealers, Asset Managers, Financial Institutions, ETF Issuers, Compliance Teams, and Hedge Funds. LOGICLY delivers global ETF and fund data across a complete universe of funds, giving advisors a competitive advantage with powerful, institutional-grade technology that streamlines research and analytics, and automates portfolio management. LOGICLY also offers financial institutions via API, iFrame, widgets, or custom development a way to deliver self-directed solutions focused on ETFs, mutual funds, and individual stocks to a retail client base. Headquartered in New York, LOGICLY serves a diverse and international client base. For more information about LOGICLY, visit our website at https://thinklogicly.com. Follow LOGICLY on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/logicly-platform/, and Twitter at https://twitter.com/InvestLogicly.

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