Emil Tarazi on the TMX LOGICLY Origin Story

Emil Tarazi, CEO of LOGICLY

“The question is, how do you build better portfolios?”

Emil Tarazi, CEO and Co-Founder of LOGICLY

In 2017, Emil Tarazi and his colleagues saw a gap in the market: exchange-traded fund (ETF) issuers needed a tool to help them better navigate ETF liquidity. So, Tarazi co-founded ETFLogic and developed that tool.

In 2020, LOGICLY—which came to Canada the following year as TMX LOGICLY—was born.

Today there are 3,000 plus ETFs, with about $7 trillion in assets. The ETF is a building block. We think of it as an essential, foundational piece of a portfolio. But there are so many different types of these building blocks, so the question is, how do you build better portfolios?” said Tarazi.

LOGICLY continues to expand and encompass mutual fund and stock analytics while also incorporating workflows for fund screening and portfolio construction. An evolving tool that is client-driven and iterative, always focused on customers’ requirements.

According to Tarazi, the first thing advisors notice is the intuitive, easy-to-use interface. The interface provides user-friendly access to a tremendous depth of data that helps cut through marketing to reveal facts, as well as workflow tools that are intended to make it seamless for advisors to perform complex back-testing and generate compelling client presentations, for example.

“It’s never a finished product,” Tarazi says. “The markets are constantly evolving. New products come to market and old products get retired….The platform has to evolve with the markets—[and with] the way people build portfolios, which is also changing.”

Tools like Portfolio Coach, an “autopilot for portfolios” powered by artificial intelligence, allow advisors to set objectives on accounts and keep an audit trail of their research. It can also monitor portfolios and alert advisors when they stray from factors or investment policies.

LOGICLY helps advisors strengthen client relationships, uncover new opportunities, and enable advisors to better meet their clients’ long-term financial needs. “Ultimately, that’s what all advisors want.”

Emil Tarazi, CEO of LOGICLY

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