A short time ago, we announced that you can get LOGICLY BASE at no cost!

With the financial markets continuing to roil in response to ongoing uncertainty, your clients expect more from you. With LOGICLY BASE you can do more for clients. And stay on top of volatile markets with tools that calm frayed investor nerves.

We’ve talked before that, with LOGICLY BASE, you’ll get the investment data, research, and analytics for which other technology firms charge you thousands of dollars per year. Here’s a sampling of what you can do, at no cost to you:

  1. Get investment data and research covering ETFs, mutual funds, and stocks
  2. Identify advanced portfolio analytics supporting investment decisions
  3. Use portfolio tools to research and analyze client or model portfolios

Our latest video profiles LOGICLY BASE, as Andrew Unthank gives an overview of institutional-grade tools you get. Watch as Andrew reviews the BASE solution for financial advisors, which includes the following key components:

  • Using any criteria to filter a global universe of ETFs and mutual funds
  • See ETF inflows and outflows
  • View overlap of holdings and correlation between securities
  • Compare two or more ETFs and mutual funds
  • Research model portfolios to meet any allocation strategy
  • Set up and monitor watchlists
  • Review portfolio diversification at a stock level

Click here to subscribe to LOGICLY BASE at no cost.


Don’t just take our word, here’s what an advisor recently said about LOGICLY BASE:

You have given a lot more away for free than most. Makes it an easy upgrade when you know you’re getting a valuable tool!”

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