Colin Gloeckler’s Thoughts on Bitcoin ETF


Colin Gloeckler

Colin Gloeckler, CFA, Chief Strategist

 LOGICLY‘s Colin Gloeckler was quoted in a With Intelligence article about new issuer, ONEFUND, preparing a Bitcoin futures ETF amid intense turmoil within the crypto industry. 

The St. Petersburg, Florida-based boutique is prepping the passively managed ONEFUND S&P 500 and Bitcoin Strategy ETF, which will invest in:

  • 75% in large cap securities
  • 25% in Bitcoin futures contracts

The new ETF will be managed by ONEFUND’s president and founder Michael Willis.

Colin shares that, “Despite the ongoing turbulence and the fact that many don’t believe SEC will allow for spot bitcoin anytime soon, LOGICLY continues to see efforts and demand from RIAs and ETF issuers for easier integration of crypto into mainstream investment solutions, pointing to the combination of wealth passed to young investors, the rise of do-it-yourself tech in investing, and the structuration of institutional efforts and regulation around crypto as triggers.”

WithIntelligence subscribers can read the article and Colin’s thoughts here. 

New issuer plows on with Bitcoin ETF

New issuer plows on with Bitcoin ETF

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